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Elizabeth Cobey-Piper was a Chirothin client before she was the Director of Dublin Weight Loss & Wellness. She lost 60 pounds with two rounds of ChiroThin and is happy to report that since that time she has kept the weight off and even lost another 10 pounds in the maintenance phase of the program. After losing the weight she knew she had to share this amazing program with others. Elizabeth has spent most of her life dieting and the ChiroThin program is the first time she has lost weight fast, in a healthy way, reset her metabolism and not gained the weight back.




As a Chiropractic Physician dedicated to the health and wellness of his patients, Dr. Joe was drawn to work with Elizabeth and be a part of the Dublin Weight Loss & Wellness Center. As a chiropractor, he has treated many patients with chronic low back, hip, knee, and ankle pain that were all related to being overweight, and knows that losing excess weight will make a huge difference their health.

For Dr. Joe, it wasn't enough to witness Elizabeth's amazing transformation, he wanted to experience the ChiroThin program for himself. Even though he didn't have much extra weight to lose. He wanted to know personally how effective the program is, and how hard it is to do. He did the short version, which is 9 days. In that short time, he lost 11 pounds! Dr. Joe was amazed by his quick weight loss, but equally important he was shocked at how easy it was to do.







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